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Patriot Engineering is delighted to announce that Kyle Bauer, ASP, Corporate Safety Manager, was recently elected to serve as Safety Chairperson for Associated Builders & Contractors.

Kyle has developed a reputation for spearheading safety issues within Patriot and across the ABC community. Safety is Kyle’s passion, and he is a vocal advocate and champion. Over the years, Kyle has been instrumental in elevating Patriot’s partnership within ABC while connecting with members throughout the organization. 

“Patriot is in the safety business.” says Douglas B. Zabonick, P.E., President of Patriot Engineering and Environmental.  “It is our #1 priority to ensure the built-environment is safe.  Kyle is dedicated to assisting Patriot and the construction industry with safety issues and bringing solutions to construction challenges that arise throughout our communities.  We are thankful to have Kyle lead Patriot’s safety division and see him take a leadership role in promoting safety across all job-sites within our community.”   

Kyle has maintained a 20+ year partnership with The Coalition for Construction Safety, having served as a board member for 3 years from 2015-2018. By way of his leadership, CCS has awarded Patriot two “Zero Injury Awards” since 2019. Patriot personnel stand ready to take on any project with confidence as Kyle regularly provides our staff with the most up to date safety training and information.

Through Kyle’s commitment to safety, Patriot proudly exhibits a 0.79 EMR rating (nation-wide industry average is 1.00). This outstanding EMR rating allows Patriot the opportunity to propose on many high-profile, prestigious projects.   

Patriot is fortunate to experience Kyle’s leadership and we are more than happy to share his expertise with other AEC companies. Patriot provides in house safety trainings to companies, presented directly by Kyle Bauer himself. If you are interested in learning more about Patriot’s safety training offerings, please contact us today.

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