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Patriot is excited to announce Curtis Taylor, CSP, CIH, has joined the team as Corporate Safety Director. He will be leading Patriot with top-tier safety protocols and procedures across the company’s nine office locations serving Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky markets.

Curtis brings a wealth of experience to Patriot, having successfully designed and administered safety programs for diverse environments including government, industry, and academia. His expertise extends to ensuring compliance with industry regulations and consensus standards such as the American National Standards Institute (“ANSI”) and Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”). Additionally, he has numerous years of experience in the Environmental sector, demonstrated success in safety management systems, ongoing training and education, risk management and controls, audits and remedial action planning, and hazardous waste management.

“We are excited to welcome Curtis to the team and are confident that his wealth of experience will further enhance our commitment to safety,” said Douglas B. Zabonick, PE. “With over 29 years of safety procedures and education instilled within our company and on job sites, Curtis will play a crucial role in our growing markets, especially with his Environmental experience.”

Curtis is a graduate of Wright State University, Ohio with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Health Science. He is also a Certified Safety Professional (“CSP”) and Certified Industrial Hygienist (“CIH”). He lives in Fishers, Indiana with his wife and two children.


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