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PATRIOT – Excellence You Can Count On

Environmental Consulting

Geotechnical Engineering

Construction Materials Testing

Drilling Services


Patriot: Engineering Value for Project Success

Expert Engineering & Consulting Services

Since its beginning in 1995, Patriot has built its reputation on serving the needs of the growing development and redevelopment community. Patriot is dedicated to serving our clients through providing engineering and environmental expertise and solutions. Over two decades later, Patriot continues to be a leader in our field.

Patriot – Expect the best. We have built our reputation on it.

Our Services

Environmental Consulting
Geo Services Patriot Drill Rig-6x6
Geotechnical Engineering
Lucas Oil CME-6x6
Construction Materials Testing

Professional Engineers and Staff Ready to Assist You

Patriot has you covered throughout every stage of the construction process. From concept to the built environment, Patriot’s team of professionals (including Ph.D. and Master-degreed licensed professional engineers, geologists, certified field technicians, and inspectors) have decades of experience.

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Environmental Consulting

An advocate for our clients to help identify, mitigate, and manage environmental health and safety issues.

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Geotechnical Engineering

A partner to bring creative solutions to optimize foundation and embankment design, reduce construction delays, and minimize expensive over-design.

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Construction Materials Testing

An experienced part of your team to provide construction recommendations, laboratory and field testing, and professional engineering consultation throughout your project life.

Come experience the Patriot difference.

Discover the Value of Partnering With Patriot

Patriot is with you through every stage of the construction project. From concept to design, planning, building, and beyond, Patriot has you covered. Patriot’s expansive industry knowledge connects and informs you every step of the way to lower risks, reduce costs, provide solutions, and keep you in the know. Experience the Patriot difference today.

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Patriot Achievements