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In a world where gender stereotypes have long influenced career choices, Women in Construction Week stands as a beacon of empowerment, breaking down barriers and celebrating the remarkable contributions of women in the construction industry. This annual event, typically observed in the first week of March, serves as a platform to highlight the achievements, skills, and resilience of women who have chosen to defy convention and make their mark in the traditionally male-dominated field of construction.

The benefits of diversity in the workplace are widely recognized, and the construction industry is no exception. Women bring a fresh perspective, innovative ideas, and a unique set of skills to the table. Embracing diversity not only fosters a more inclusive work environment but also enhances creativity and problem-solving capabilities within construction teams. As we celebrate Women in Construction Week, it’s essential to recognize the value that women add to the industry and advocate for continued efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.

As we wrap up this week, we’d like to highlight a few of the many Patriot women that make a difference each and every day. By consistently celebrating women in construction and championing diversity, we ensure that every week recognizes the invaluable contributions made by women. Let’s build a future where the industry reflects the strength, skill, and diversity of its workforce, empowering women to lead and shape our world.

From working seven years in Marengo Cave which involved some tight spaces, Sara Vaught-Lauletta fell in love with Geology early on in her career. One of her goals was to work with soil and geology in the Indianapolis Patriot office.
Sara is Patriot’s Laboratory Supervisor who trains employees and performs a multitude of soil, concrete and materials.

What stands out most in her field is “learning all it takes to construct a building. You must also know about what lies underneath. It’s about the construction materials, but also the soil, air, amount of water and more that need to be investigated as well for a long-standing structure.

Brianne Inman, LPG, Senior Project Manager, works in the dirt and soil at times for Patriot’s Environmental group.  Environmental work is not typically considered in the Construction field, but they definitely work in tandem with best practices when developing or redeveloping a property for longevity and sustainability.

Brianne feels she has not had much issue of being a female in this field vs. any other.  She has just known she hasn’t been in the majority and is fine with it.  She suggests to those new in the field, “Don’t be intimidated to learn.  Handle and learn all about the tools and trucks.”   At home, she can be found on her skid steer which pulls fencing, has an attachment to put holes in the ground for new fencing or brings new hay to her family’s hayloft.

Danielle Shultz is Patriot’s Dayton Branch Manager.  She grew up making mud pies, dismantling electronics, solving the infamous Christmas light failure every year, etc. She helped her dad work on cars and do home repairs. Her dad and grandfather were big influencers and encouraged her to learn how things work. She initially thought she wanted to be an Architect, but then realized she enjoyed being outside and seeing a project come to life from a bare piece of land to a completed structure or highway was captivating. One of her college professors owned a materials testing company and needed someone for asphalt testing.  She learned about asphalt, soils and concrete testing.  She then graduated with a Civil Engineering degree and minored in Structures.  She’s traveled to over thirteen states applying what she’s learned and worked on various scales of projects.

She recommends “if you love to learn, grow, challenge yourself, problem solve, see the big picture, set goals, achieve goals, meet new people, work as a team, know that you are part of something no matter the size of role you play, and you like the sense of accomplishment that comes with completion– the Construction Industry does all that and more!”

Clara Morton began doing inspections 16 years ago in California.  Her brother, also an inspector, encouraged her to enter the field.  She did and never looked back!  She’s been fortunate to be surrounded by people willing to teach her.  She’s never felt disrespected from the men on job sites.  As a woman, she did realize she’d have to work harder and be more prepared to resolve conflicting interpretation of plans and specifications from contractors.

Clara really enjoys being involved in unique projects where she’s currently working on the new IU Health hospital located in downtown Indianapolis.  “I am honored to be a part of such an important development to our community! Years from now, I can look back on the many projects I have worked on and say ‘I was a part of that!’ “

Each of our Patriot team has a story to tell on how Construction makes an impact to their day.



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