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We are thrilled to welcome Brianne Inman, LPG, to the Patriot team! Brianne recently joined Patriot as Senior Project Manager for the Environmental Group, based out of the Indianapolis office.  Brianne is a Licensed Professional Geologist (LPG) with over 12 years of experience providing environmental consulting services to an array of clients.  Experienced in many areas, she is mainly focused on investigation and remediation projects, primarily involving chlorinated solvents and petroleum impact, as well as commercial property transfers and due diligence. Remediation techniques Brianne is well-versed in employing include soil excavation, electrical resistivity heating, chemical and bioaugmented injections, soil vapor extraction and multi-phase extraction systems, in-situ soil mixing, and sub-slab depressurization systems.

Brianne has managed projects on various types of sites including drycleaning facilities, gas stations, rubber molding and coating manufactures and platers.  She is skilled in risk-communication and coordinating with property owners and lenders and works with a variety of interested parties including attorneys, insurance companies and third-party oversight consultants and regulators.

“Brianne is an excellent addition to our team here at Patriot,” said Ed Joniskan, Environmental Group Manager. “She is a natural team leader and effective communicator. This along with her impressive background and expertise will be of great value to our team and to our clients.”

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