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The Indiana Subcontractors Association (ISA) kicked off the new year with an exciting event about managing your workforce. Patriot representatives attended the event to network with industry partners and learn about setting clear objectives to engage and retain talent in the workforce. The event took place at Indiana Landmarks on January 25th and was hosted by special guest and HR expert, Mike Lantz, Founder of trueU & ML Talent Strategies who spoke on “The Great Opportunity.” 

The discussion raised awareness of “The Great Resignation”, COVID’s effect on the AEC industry, and the need for not only attracting talent, but building a culture that retains its talent workforce.  Mr. Lantz referenced significant statistics on the current state of our economy: 

  • 35 million workers resigned their jobs in 2021
  • 48% of workers have thought seriously about changing their careers in the past 12 months
  • 40% of construction workers either have already left or plan to quit by Q1 2022
  • Construction industry increased 2.1% in 2021 and predicted 3.1% growth in 2022
  • 35% of businesses in the construction industry revealed they must turn jobs down due to labor shortages

Mr. Lance noted there are numerous opportunities to provide a work environment and culture that captivates employees and encourages them to stay engaged in their current workplaces. Listed below are opportunities that companies can focus on to appeal to their employees and increase employee retention:

  • Meaningful work – workers spend over 1/3 of their lives in their profession
  • Meaningful relationships with their company, direct manager, and co-workers
  • Personal & professional development and opportunities to learn
  • Professional growth opportunities
  • Clear expectations for performance
  • Flexibility & choice
  • Seen as a whole person – not just a worker

“When a company believes and demonstrates that their employees are their biggest asset, employees are happier in their jobs and tend to stay longer.” says Lance.   

Patriot strives to build an employee-centered culture that fosters the growth and development of each of its team members.  Patriot is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of ISA as it brings together industry leaders to have meaningful programming and conversations such as these.  We look forward to future ISA events throughout 2022. Come visit our exhibitor’s booth #97 on March 3rd at 2022 CNEY (Construction Networking Event of the Year) at the JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis. We look forward to seeing you there!

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