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Cincinnati, Ohio

Our environmental manager for the Ohio region, Mr. Weinstein, was the certified professional who oversaw the asbestos remediation of the 370,000-square-foot former r.L. Polk building, located in the city of Cincinnati, which was completed in October 2004. Mr. Weinstein issued the no further action letter and secured the covenant not to sue (Cns) From the Ohio EPA under the voluntary action program. During 2005 and 2006, the miller-valentine group and Greiwe development group renovated the property, now referred to as a park place at Lytle, to include 114 high-end residential condominiums, a community room, library, fitness center, and indoor atrium.

Lytle place

Upon Completion

Park place at Lytle increased the number of condominiums in the Cincinnati central business district by 200% and provides approximately $1.1 million in annual property tax. In addition, the development of a park place at lytle resulted in the creation of 410 construction jobs, retention of 10 jobs through the integration of an existing office tenant into the building’s design, and creation of six new building operation and maintenance jobs.

Reduce Costs, Decrease Risks, and Improve Outcomes