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Princeton Indiana

Various Locations

Patriot Engineering began its first Toyota Manufacturing plant in early 1997, in Princeton, Indiana. Patriot performed testing on over 1.1 billion dollars worth of construction, including auger cast pile inspections, field density testing, concrete testing, and inspections, reinforcing steel inspections, structural steel inspections, fabrication shop inspections, and roofing inspections. Patriot had up to ten technicians on-site supervised by a full-time project manager on this site. Patriot brought in a full setup for a mobile laboratory to perform soil testing and concrete testing for this project.

Since 1997, Patriot has built a close working relationship with Toyota and has had the opportunity to provide services in each of our divisions (environmental, geotechnical, and construction materials) on multiple projects throughout several states (and countries!) over the past 2+ decades. Projects have included manufacturing plants in Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, and even into Mexico and Canada.

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