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Cayuga Flue Gas Project

Cayuga, Indiana

Construction on this project began in May of 2005 on the new sulfur dioxide flue gas desulfurization project at the Duke Energy Generating Station in Cayuga, Indiana. Patriot reported directly to the owner on this project, which was driven by emissions regulations provided by the Federal EPA. This project involved 8 major monolithic concrete placements ranging in size from 1500 cubic yards to 4000 cubic yards. These placements formed the foundations for the absorber unit and chimney section. Foundations for these new units were placed on several hundred caissons drilled to 75 feet in depth with some being straight shafts and some being belled. Patriot utilized a temperature monitoring system to monitor the differential core and edge concrete temperatures due to the mass of concrete being placed. For these mass concrete placements, a mix containing slag was used to reduce the initial heat of hydration.

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