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Community Hospital North construction site

Indianapolis, Indiana

The $170 million expansion, “The Next Evolution in Health Care” officially opened in April 2007 and consists of a 6-story patient tower addition, 1,000 car parking garage, 5-story medical office building, connecting walkways/skybridge, and relocation/expansion of numerous departments.

Patriot’s Responsibilities Included:

  • Field Density Testing:  Grade raise fill, utility trench backfill, foundation backfill, foundation wall backfill, aggregate base for slab on grade and pavements
  • Plastic Concrete & compressive strength testing:  foundations, foundation walls, slab on grade, supporting slabs, concrete pavements, and walks, parking garage – foundations, columns, post-tensioned beams and slabs.
  • Resteel Inspection:  above noted reinforced concrete and post-tension concrete including tension location, spacing, clearance, ties, supports, stressing records, elongation measurements, and gauge pressure
  • Masonry:  inspection included reinforcing steel, bond beam reinforcing, horizontal joint reinforcing, grout, and mortar testing
  • Structural Steel:  High strength bolted connections, visual weld, full penetration welds by ultrasonic, fit-up, anchor bolts
  • Floor Flatness
  • Asphalt Paving:  In place density testing, temperature monitoring, extraction/gradiations
  • Proofrolling observations: stripped subgrades for all building pads and proposed pavement sections
  • Concrete Floor Moisture Testing:  vapor emission testing
  • Topsoil Analysis: landscape areas

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