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Carmel, Indiana

Carmel City Center is a one million square foot, a multi-use project in the heart of Carmel, Indiana. The project is one piece of a master-planned redevelopment of downtown Carmel; inspired and led by Carmel’s Mayor Jim Brainard and overseen by the Carmel Redevelopment Commission. Carmel City Center is a multi-use development project that  became Carmel’s downtown. This most extraordinary city center now offers a lifestyle that includes luxury residences, exceptional retail shops and dining, an elegant cultural village, and an oasis of activity, recreation, and renewal.

Patriot’s Responsibilities Included:

  • Auger Cast Pile installation observations for pile length, grout ratio, cage reinforcing steel, penetration rate, withdraw rate and stroke count, grout head, and grout pressure.
  • Pile load test observations for compression and tension to verify piles are capable to design loads – read dial gages and strain gages
  • Concrete testing for the slump, air content, temperature, compressive strength, and verification of the use of required design mix and concrete placement
  • Reinforcing steel observation for size, location, grade, lapping, spacing, clearance, adequate ties, supports, bars clean.
  • Field Density (compaction) testing for verifying compaction meets site specifications and monitoring lift thicknesses and verifying backfill material is clean
  • Structural Steel inspections for visual bolts, visual welds, ultrasonic testing on welds, and steel decking weld inspections
  • On-site field supervisor for testing coordination
  • On-site concrete laboratory for compression strength

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