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Clarksville, Tennessee

This project provided a nearly 45,000-square-foot addition to three units at the Blanchfield Community Hospital at Ft. Campbell; including the Emergency Center, Mother-Baby Care, and the Behavioral Health Units.

Blanchfield army community hospital – addition/Alteration

Patriot’s Responsibilities Included:

Patriot provided construction materials testing, inspections, and special inspection services for the addition alteration.  Services included:

  • Soils, site works – foundation observations and utility backfill testing, proctors, and all soils laboratory testing required by the usace.
  • Concrete – making and testing compressive strength cylinders, slump, air content, and temperature.
  • Structural steel – metal decks, bolting, welding inspections, sprayed fire-resistant material inspections, and testing
  • Asphalt – inspection and density testing of the asphalt
  • Masonry – making and testing mortar cube and grout prisms and inspections

Professional services which include all administrative time, typing, reviewing, and distribution of daily reports, project management, on-site time and project meetings, professional engineer time.

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