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Huber Heights

Huber Heights, Ohio

Construction began in June 2010 for five new elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school in the Huber Heights City School District. Patriot was involved with three of these schools: Kitty Hawk Elementary School, Valley Forge Elementary School, and Weisenborn Middle School. Patriot performed the geotechnical studies for the design teams and served as the quality assurance testing and special inspection agents for these projects. These sites present interesting challenges for the designers with respect to soil conditions for each site. During construction, Patriot’s duties included construction testing, engineered fill operations, concrete testing, roofing inspections, welding inspections, floor flatness testing, fireproofing testing, asphalt testing, and masonry inspections to provide quality assurance of the projects. Patriot worked closely with the architect to help ensure these facilities were constructed in compliance with the building codes and represented the quality expected by the school board.

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